THe daily soul

There is just something about the idea of a newspaper that brightens my day.

The smell, the straight forward articles, and the classic look that is timeless and brings back all the memories of childhood when you used to gather around the breakfast table with a pitcher of OJ, a bowl of Fruit Loops, and grandma perfectly placed in the corner with her cup of coffee and paper in hand. I love that we have so much available to us the world wide web, but I missed that classic and timeless feeling that only a newspaper could deliver. (Pun totally intended)

Well, I couldn't deliver the smell, or Grandma, but I did blend the worlds of old and new and created The Daily Soul, a digital newspaper with the ease of e-mail but in the traditional style. 

In your inbox every week, you will get your copy delivered just in time for your morning cup of Joe, and inside will be articles from yours truly about the ups and downs of life that connect us all. 

To get your free copies delivered each and every week, shoot me your e-mail and I will be your very own paper delivery gal. Together let's redefine life as a woman and get a little real. 

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