How can the journal help? 

In 2015 I had my rock bottom moment. The anger, resentment and frustration had such a tight grip on me that I couldn't breathe and things needed to change. This couldn't be the way I lived my life and it's not the example I wanted to set for my two little girls. Since then, I have been on a journey to self-understanding. It has been a journey through my past, my limiting beliefs, my insecurities, my relationships, and my mental wellness. 

Like most of us, I had never learned how to process emotions. I let my thoughts be the authority on my life instead of a guidepost, and I let fear hold me back from accountability and action.

We are not our thoughts. It's a tough concept to grasp, but we constantly give our power away to the stories we tell in our head about situations, people, and our value here on earth. 

This journal is a tool to help you on your own journey. It's a tool that will help you sort through the mental games, the limiting beliefs, and the fixed mindset, that holds you back from living your most authentic and intentional life. It's a tool that will help you gain clarity on your needs and wants and will help you get back into the drivers seat of your life. It will help you have your own back out in the world. 

Change isn't about cliche quotes, or gimmicks, and it's not about playing the victim or positive thinking. Change is about taking accountability for the role you play. Change is about finally committing to doing something different and about opening yourself up to new ideas and new and healthier ways of thinking. Change is about cultivating an environment for you to thrive in and getting ruthless about the relationships, media, or messages that do not serve you and your goals. 

Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you work in a high stress environment? Then, this journal is for you.

Do you need help balancing life at home and life at work? This journal is for you.

Do you want to help your employees increase their mental wellness? Then this journal is for you and your team. 

Do you want to enhance the quality of your relationships? This journal is for you.

Do you want to get out of your own way and start showing up for your life? This journal is for you. 

This journal is a life coach that comes with you wherever you go. It helps you find the pause. it helps you sort through the tough emotions. It helps you figure out what is yours to carry and what actionable steps you can take to keep moving forward. it is a daily reminder of what we are wanting for our lives and it is a reminder that we are worth of greatness. 

Sometimes all it takes is a brief moment of pause to spend with your thoughts. This journal helps you hold space for what's weighing you down and it can help you create new and healthy habits that serve you in your journey of growth and expansion. 

This is not another empty journal that you can get at any big box store. It's a tool that will help you get in touch with your wisdom that sits inside. 

It's a small investment in your life that packs a BIG punch! 

Visit the shop to get your copy RIGHT NOW or e-mail for group discounts if you are interested in purchasing a copy for your staff. I would be happy to have a chat about how I can help you and your employee wellness team!