The Redefined Soul
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get out of your head and into your soul.

take back your thoughts.

"As a board certified psychiatrist, it is hands down one of the best "products" I could recommend for someone truly wanting to "work on themselves" without a budget for individual therapy, counseling, or coaching. I say "product" because this is more like having a therapist, best friend, and life coach in your back pocket-accessible whenever you need it. I use my journal daily and hope you (and all my patients) will too!

-Dr. Stefani Reinold, M.D. 


About The Redefined Soul

What if there was a better way of managing your emotions? What if instead of shoving our feelings down, we honored them and gave them space to breathe? What if the shear acknowledgement of a feeling could help us navigate the waters of stress, overwhelm, anxiety. And what if a tool existed that could help us get our thoughts and emotions down on paper so that we could truly process them in healthier ways? 

The Redefined Day Journal is a life coach that is with you at all times. It helps you sort through the tough stuff so that you can breathe a little easier and cope with the stresses that life so often throws our way. 

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with the redefined day journal experience, you will discover the wisdom that is sitting right inside your soul.

Inside, your will find...

-Redefined Dailies that will help you set the intention for your day. It will sort out thoughts you have and help empower you to find your why, take action on the things you can control, and remind you of your greatness and purpose on this earth.

-The Impact Pages will help you overcome those tough moments and help you tap into the answers that you have hiding inside.

-The Empowerment Pages will help you sort through those thoughts that hold you back from taking action on accessing your best life.

Sometimes all you need is a few minutes to give space to your emotions so that you can tackle the rest of your day. 

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Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.
— Brene Brown

What are people saying about the journal?

The Redefined Day Journal is finally in print and in the hands of people all over the United States. Are you on the fence about whether the journal could serve you? Take a minute to read what people are saying about it and maybe they can help you decide!

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There are stories that live between the pretty pictures you see on social media. We live in a world where everything seems curated and everyone but us lives a life of perfection that we so long for. The truth is that the perfection is a facade. There is a life between the photos, and I am here to share mine.